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Jewellery trends you simply can’t ignore

No matter what the occasion, jewellery can be a superb way to bring your outfit to life and make a fashion statement.

photo4With any change in the seasons, new fashion trends come and go. The latest fashion shows have showcased the styles for Autumn Winter 2014, so we at Joshua James decided to take a look at what the key jewellery styles will be during this period.

Here are some of our key styles for this autumn and winter…

Layer up

One of the best trends for this season will be in bringing simple outfits to life with accessories. Moreover, layers are the way to work it, with simple stacking rings being combined for a luxe look. Pandora and Thomas Sabo stacking rings remain the fashionable choice for layering.

And don’t forget that you can also wear several necklaces together to add further depth to your attire. Remember; layers are great for jewellery, not just clothing.

Precious stones

As well as plain stacking bands, rings can also be used to bring a vibrant flash of colour to your style. Many jewellery pieces come adorned with stones and gems, and these can not only be great for creating stylish colour matches, but also for sentimental pieces inspired by birthstones and zodiac signs.

Crystal embellished jewellery is once again a key player, providing an extra dimension and an additional sparkle to any occasion.

Statement pieces

Choker necklaces, bold cuffs and bangles, chunky designs, colour. Charm bracelets are also great for creating an individual look, allowing you to customise your jewellery and accessories.

The coloured beads and intricate silver and gold charms from brands such as Pandora, Thomas Sabo and Trollbeads make for some really fun statement bracelets. Endless Jewelry is another brand that has exploded onto the scene with its vibrant coloured leather bracelets and vast array of sentimental yet fashionable charms.

Rose tinted

Ever popular on the catwalks and the streets, rose gold continues to be a popular trend for AW14. Its beautiful pink-orange hue lends itself perfectly to the natural colours of the autumn season, making it a highly sought after material for jewellery around this time of year.

Mixing metals

Further to rose gold’s prominence in the autumn/winter style stakes, silver and gold are also being sported in interesting ways. Mixing metals is a different twist on traditional styles. Either mix and match rings, necklaces and bracelets, or try incorporating gold beads with silver bracelets for a unique look.

This style matches perfectly with the clashing textures and colours that have been spotted on the catwalks of fashion shows around the globe this season.

Ear candy

From simple gold hoops to yet more statement pieces, earrings are enjoying a central role in the style trends this autumn and winter. In particular, mismatching pairs of earrings are popular, and even single statement earrings are being seen.

Ear cuffs are another great way to draw attention to the face, providing an intricate yet eye catching way to display your fashion style through your jewellery.

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10 tips before buying your engagement ring

Buying an engagement ring for your loved one can seem rather confusing these days, especially with all the choice and technical details that come with such a purchase. With all this to consider Jewellery Monthly decided to try and make this a little more simple for you. We have even linked through to other articles dotted around our site if you decided you want more information to make sure your final engagement ring purchase is perfect.

Engagement Rings Tips to consider

photo3Decide your budget – Two months salary is normally what the average person is willing to pay. The key is to make sure you are comfortable with what you can afford.
Metal type – Check your partners existing jewellery, they might like Yellow Gold, Rose Gold or prefer a whiter metal, such as White Gold, Platinum, Palladium or Silver. The Cost will vary depending on the type of metal you choose. Platinum is the most expensive followed by Gold, Palladium and finally Silver.
Stone shape – The stone shape is very important from the wearers perspective. You have quite a few options to choose from. Think about what will suit your partner . For a better insight into what shape diamond to choose from view – Engagement ring stone shapes.
What’s affordable? – Ok so you have decided on a metal colour and design and now your thinking about affordability. We have selected a few good retailers to help you get going on your search for the perfect engagement ring. Top 5 budget engagement rings.
What technical details do I need to know? Well you could do with knowing about diamond colour and diamond clarity. When it comes to diamond colour grade D is the most expensive, as it is graded exceptional white. The diamond colour J is slightly tinted yellow. This grade will be less expensive. Anything below the grade of J for diamond colour should not really be considered.

Diamond Clarity should also be considered. The grade of FL means flawless, this will be a very expensive diamond. The scale continues down to IF – VVS1 – VVS2 – VS1 VVS2 – VS1 – VS2 – S11 – S12 – and S12.
The further you go down the scale the more inclusions your diamond will have and this will effect the overall cost. Inclusions are tiny lines or black dots inside the diamond. These can’t be seen by the human eye but can be seen under a magnifying glass. For some alternative info you can check out these:

Hows is a diamond ring made?
What is a diamond facet?
Different coloured engagement rings
Buy these images – Jewellery Stock Images © Images 2012 Lionsorbet ltd

Popular engagement rings – So what is currently popular when thinking about buying your engagement ring? Its important to get the design of the ring right. Think about your partners style, are they classic, trendy, original or designer? We have selected a few fine examples for you in the following article. Whats the trend?
I’m looking for something completely different, You don’t want to follow the crowd? High street Jewellery is popular due to it’s cost, but it doesn’t suit everyone. There are some very creative styles that stand apart from standard engagement rings. If you want designer then check out some bespoke design collections by companies such as Tiffany or designers such as Shaun Leane, alternatively you can look at the more creative trends such as:
The Lego engagement ring
The Frog Prince
Bubble rings filled with gems
Buying online could save you a small fortune. You can buy a really nice engagement ring online and save a small fortune these days. The main reason for this is your not paying for overheads of a shop front. If you do decided to buy online then look out for the following.
Established company.
30 – 40 days return policy.
Your ring comes with certified certificates.
Live customer reviews.
Customer service line.
Read the terms and conditions.
Please make sure they are a reputable jewellery company.
You might want to consider getting it insured. You should be able to do this on your existing home insurance policy. You should not need to get separate insurance.

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Sexy Gemstone Rings

Polished Gems come in many different shapes and sizes and will look stunning when created and designed to work with jewellery of all types. The great benefits of the Gem stone is the fact they come in an array of beautiful colours, they are fashionable and affordable, which make them a great purchase for every customer.

photo2Jian of London offer a world of exciting jewellery.

The Stardust range caught our eyes with their spectacular domes filled with coloured Gems of your choice.

This new range has won the Technical Excellence award presented by The International Jewellery Awards 2011.

The Stardust range has taken over 5 years to engineer and works very well as a ring, ear ring or pendant. Jian London also offer multiple coloured stone jewellery for a striking designer feel.

The Gem colours Jian of London offer are as follows:

White Topaz
Blue Saphire
Blue Topaze
Green amethyst
Lemon quartz
Pink Sapphire
Smokey Quartz

Jian London use state of the art jewellery photography to achieve the perfect results for the visualisation needed for each captured item. These new methods of digital compositing are very new to the jewellery industry and reflect the technology Jian of London has perfected.

What to expect from each ring

Stunning free floating Amethyst sparkles and dances within a liquid filled sapphire dome. The effect is totally mesmerizing
Approx. 2.5ct Stardust Amethyst for 14mm Dome
Approx. 6.25ct Stardust Amethyst for 20mm Dome
Approx. 1ct African Amethyst for 14mm Dome
Approx. 4.5ct African Amethyst for 20mm Dome
Rhodium Plated
Stamped .925 for Sterling Silver, 750 for 18kt Gold
Gift Boxed

We hope you love these sexy jewellery items as much as we do.

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What your jewellery says about you

Tell me about your jewellery… and I’ll tell you about your personality.

Jewellery is like clothes. Like music. Like cars. It will describe your personality in an instant.
No, nobody will know what you think or who you are,but certainly people will know who you tend to be. Or to become.

photo1If you choose to wear a circle necklace, for example, or anything with a circle open form, it symbolises that you are a person that could be very open-minded, who’s always looking for new things and experiences. The large necklace talks about shows a flirty or naughty personality. By choosing colourful and enormous rings and earrings, you make sure that people will know how adventurous and fun loving you are. It takes a lot of courage to be confident while attracting everyone’s eyes towards you, while being analysed and admired by strangers. Shiny pieces of jewellery will say how comfortable you are in your own skin and how much you really love and trust yourself.


If you are interested in status and style more than anything else, you will go for designer jewellery because you can communicate your strong personality without highlighting it in a raw way. Yes, you will spend more money on this type of jewellery, but it will be worth it. Here, we can think of the elegant pearls, those traditional pieces that speak of etiquette and taste. They feature fineness, manners and elegance. A classic choice.


There are many women and men who prefer to wear pieces of jewellery that are very close to their heart. It’s not exactly about the value of the jewellery item, but it’s about its meaning: it is, mostly, a timeless gift from loved ones (wife, daughter, sister, mother, and husband) and it reflects love, independence, happiness and, of all things, family. This kind of jewellery is often passed down from generation to generation connecting families and members together.

No matter who you are, you have that ravishing unique personality.
With or without jewellery.

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