What your jewellery says about you

Tell me about your jewellery… and I’ll tell you about your personality.

Jewellery is like clothes. Like music. Like cars. It will describe your personality in an instant.
No, nobody will know what you think or who you are,but certainly people will know who you tend to be. Or to become.

photo1If you choose to wear a circle necklace, for example, or anything with a circle open form, it symbolises that you are a person that could be very open-minded, who’s always looking for new things and experiences. The large necklace talks about shows a flirty or naughty personality. By choosing colourful and enormous rings and earrings, you make sure that people will know how adventurous and fun loving you are. It takes a lot of courage to be confident while attracting everyone’s eyes towards you, while being analysed and admired by strangers. Shiny pieces of jewellery will say how comfortable you are in your own skin and how much you really love and trust yourself.


If you are interested in status and style more than anything else, you will go for designer jewellery because you can communicate your strong personality without highlighting it in a raw way. Yes, you will spend more money on this type of jewellery, but it will be worth it. Here, we can think of the elegant pearls, those traditional pieces that speak of etiquette and taste. They feature fineness, manners and elegance. A classic choice.


There are many women and men who prefer to wear pieces of jewellery that are very close to their heart. It’s not exactly about the value of the jewellery item, but it’s about its meaning: it is, mostly, a timeless gift from loved ones (wife, daughter, sister, mother, and husband) and it reflects love, independence, happiness and, of all things, family. This kind of jewellery is often passed down from generation to generation connecting families and members together.

No matter who you are, you have that ravishing unique personality.
With or without jewellery.

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